game developer

Hi, I'm Joseph Jacir. I'm a senior developer at Tricky Fast Studios in the Boston area. This page is for sharing a selection of my work. Get in touch if you'd like to work together on something!

I mostly work with Unity and C#. I use other tools as the case demands, including Phaser, Javascript / ES6, the Adobe suite, Autodesk 3ds Max, HTML, WebGL, CSS, SQL, Go (golang), as well as more specialized tools.

Since 2007, I have developed and contributed to a number of code projects in the course of creating mobile, console, and PC games, and in making animation for film, web, broadcast, advertising, etc.

Since April 2015, I have been exclusively working as a developer, and in a senior role as a team lead since November 2016. Previously, I split my time as an animator and technical artist. Much of the gameplay code I am not at liberty to share here, but some of my tools work is listed at left. Please have a look.


Here are some games I've worked on. There are more, unfortunately under NDA.

Outer Wilds
2021. Breakout indie hit, est. install base of 1-2 million players on Steam, plus consoles. Art pipeline & Unity tools, console porting.
Star Trek: Timelines
2019. Working with Disruptor Beam, I ported this long-running, high user count, multiplatform game, to the Windows 10 Store.
Disney Tsum Tsum
2018. Contract developer. Tsum Tsum is one of the top mobile games of all time in Japan. Worked with messaging platform Line and studio Game Closure to port this native app to an extremely lightweight, fast-loading Facebook Instant game. Used Game Closure's proprietary WebGL/Javascript-based engine. Consistently one of the top games on Messenger.
Poptropica Worlds
2016-2017. Lead developer. Oversaw a team of 11 internal and client engineers. Features, architecture, and tools development, in addition to evaluating engineering approaches and external technologies. One of the first popular 2D WebGL games made with Unity; Unity consulted us directly for feedback.
Treat Fighter
2017-2018. Technical consultation and architectural design for game features for an upcoming launch title for this blockchain-based, trustless, distributed gaming platform. Cutting edge. Still in production as of writing.
Cross Summoner
Final Sky (Eng. localization)
2013-2014. This game reached #1 on the App Store in Japan. Tools develoment, technical animation, and VFX. See my 3D Asset Management System project, for examples. (Link to translated press release, game now discontinued).
Los Angeles Ethereum Hackathon
2018. Overall winner. One of a two-man team developing a wallet to introduce children to cryptocurrency and allow parents to set rules for spending, using Solidity and an Ethereum smart contract.
2013-2014. Effects animation, art pipeline and automation. Early example of a browser-based game built for mobile. Primitive by today's standards, was a top earner for a long time.
Sword of Phantasia
2013. Pipeline tools development; character, VFX, and special attack sequence animation. Very early mobile HTML5 game published from Flash. Collaboration with Square Enix.
Guardian Battle
Immortalis (Eng. localization)
2013. Effects animation, pipeline and automation. Collaboration with Sega. (Link to translated press release, game now discontinued).
Monster Paradise+
2013-2014. Pipeline and tools development, cutscene animation. See AutoWobble for a tool example. (Link to translated press release, game now discontinued).
2009-2010. I worked on two very popular titles for Harmonix. However, I'm not permitted to disclose further details, unfortunately.
2010. Realistic motion capture retargeting, cleanup, and animation for this THQ title.